Transfer Requirements

Out-of-State Transfer of Hours

Drivers Test Now cannot accept, by Texas Law partial driving or classroom out-of-state driver education hours. A student must follow the Department of Public safety rules/laws to obtain a Texas learner or provisional license and abide by any restrictions placed on that license.

Texas In-State Transfer of Hours

To transfer hours, the instructor of the course in which the student was originally enrolled shall complete the applicable portion of a Texas DE-964 Form and include copies of the individual student records. The documentation should be mailed, emailed, or sent to Drivers Test Now where we will complete the transfer and get you started with the remaining portion of your driving requirements, and ultimately your driving test.

Partial In-State Transfer of Hours:

Complete or partial hours for driving schools within the State of Texas may transfer to Drivers Test Now hour-for-hour. If transferring to or from the Parent Taught Driver education program, only the first 6 hours (Module 1) are transferable to Drivers Test Now. No other partial classroom hours can be transferred. Partial driving hours may transfer between a Third-Party Texas Driving School and Drivers Test Now hour-for-hour but are not transferable from Parent Taught Drivers Education to Drivers Test Now or vice versa. Parent Taught Course Providers will transfer the certificate and proof of completed hours.

Receiving Your Transfer:

Drivers Test Now will maintain the transfer documentation in the student file and may proceed with the remaining training to complete the student’s driver education requirements. Drivers Test Now may accept a DE-964 that was transferred to a parent, a copy must be kept in the student’s individual student classroom record.

Certificate of Completion:

During a transfer, the Third-Party Texas Driving School has the option to only issue one DE-964 for the classroom phase and then Drivers Test Now will issue a DE-964 for the in-car phase. In this instance, the transfer portion of the DE-964 is not required to be filled out.